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From Woo-Woo to Wisdom

Some of the crazy things I did and believed before I wised up (mostly), how I got from there to here, and how I see things now.

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My naiveté, gullibility, and foolishness did not cease upon entering chiropractic college. I recall only one class in which the scientific method was discussed.

Is there a difference between an adjustment performed by a chiropractor who is a subluxation believer and an adjustment from someone who thinks otherwise about it?

There are a lot of case studies demonstrating the success of chiropractic adjustments for various ailments. For many chiropractors, these anecdotal reports are the proof of the pudding.  …

I was 22 years old, fresh out of college, and a salesman at Leed’s Shoes on Market Street in San Francisco. …  Too late, I discovered that being a chiropractor was a lot like selling shoes. …

There was a young man from Woo/Whose ideas came out of the blue/He thought he was clever/But reasoned he never/That silly young man from Woo

At Life Chiropractic College, solicitation of patients was aggressive. Students at Life spent more time in the teaching clinic than students at …

A Guide for People Seeking Chiropractic Treatment

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